Monday, December 6, 2010

Emerson and Parent Revolution

Sorry we've been away for so long.  I guess that's what the school year can do to you...

Hope all is well and as winter break nears, we know that means Parent Revolution will potentially be organizing while we're away on vacation. If you don't know this group, they are an astroturf organization who worked to pass the public school choice motion through LAUSD in the summer of 2009 in the name of "reform" or the charterization of our schools.   

There have been a few emails hinting that Parent Revolution once again is targeting Emerson, this time with the California State Parent Trigger which would set our school up for some sort of take over.  This hasn't been confirmed, but please, particularly those of you who live in the Emerson vicinity, let us know if Parent Revolution is gathering signatures in the name of public education reform.

We believe ALL stakeholders deserve a voice in our school.   Parent Revolution and the parent trigger give priority ONE group of stakeholders.  Remember, if you are a stakeholder and you are invested in Emerson, we welcome you on campus.  Please join the Emerson Advocates and be the change you want to see in public education.

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  1. What has become of Emerson Advocates? The school has lost numerous teachers (including the one who is identified as the contact for email updates above) and is now preparing to open with a new principal. Hello?